nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa
to have a clear conscience and not pale at any charge

Retirement? You must be kidding, right?

I was SHOCKED to read this question posted by someone on another site:

my wife and i have been investing $100 each month in the ….. Balanced Fund. Do you think itis enough? say to retire in another 15 years time?

Even if this person meant $100 each, he would only be saving/investing $2,400 per year.  That would be $36,000 for the 15-year term.  At 9% pa (pure returns w/o any cost of investment – which is not possible), the retirement nest would grow to $76,000.

This amount would NOT even be enough for 1 person to retire, needless to say 2.  You know what, we have yet to include inflation.  How much do you think $76,000 is worth in 15 years time.  Can you buy more things or less compared to today?

My advice:  Save more or retire later, say 40 years instead of 15.  You would have a more comfortable nest of $883,000.


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  1. Hey bro, nice blog you have! haha

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