nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa
to have a clear conscience and not pale at any charge

Is This How You Are Planning Your Retirement?

Retirement Planning 

I was at NTUC Supermarket and spotted a long queue at the corner.  
I was then reminded that it was Sunday.

In Singapore, the equation goes like this:
Looking at the queues at the Singapore Turf Club’s outlets on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, I must say, we have a long way to go.  A long way to make people understand that their retirement funds should not require matching numbers.


2 Responses to “Is This How You Are Planning Your Retirement?”

  1. to get the facts right, the outlets u’ve mentioned belong to singapore pools, not singapore turf club. to each his own. how a person utilise his retirement money is basically a personal affair. the big bro does’t care bec he is smiling away from the commission he took out of the lottery sales.

    in any case, queues are everywhere everyday. Here, singaporeans queue to buy breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, queue for discounts (let alone free gifts), queue to donate money @ funerals, queue to sit in for court hearings, and what not?

  2. Penny Man, thank you for your comments.
    Yes, the outlets at NTUC, Cheers, etc… does carry the “brand” of Singapore Pools. Singpore Turf Club’s branches are usually the “bigger” ones (eg the one at Cecil Street) and I was actually referring to this. Sorry I was not clear on this.

    During the recent world cup period, there were like hundreds of people loitering there. All other places in Shenton Way area is quiet on a Sunday, but just go over to Cecil Street and see for yourself.

    And I TOTALLY AGREE with you that everyone has the right to decide for himself/herself.
    However, I was just thinking aloud that people should plan for their retirement, rather than just depending on luck. There is nothing wrong with punting on 4D, Toto, etc… But shouldn’t we diversify? Punt some on 4D, invest some into shares, etc… However, in my personal opinion, these should be done only when the person has at least his “emergency funds” safely secured in low-risk instruments like FD (or better still TEPs / bonds, etc…)

    From the many people I talked to, many don’t even have an emergency fund set-up.

    Anyway, the Singapore Totalisator Board, a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance operates horse racing and totalisator operations through its agent and proprietary club, the Singapore Turf Club (formerly known as Bukit Turf Club, set up in March 1988); and 4D, Toto, Singapore Sweep and football betting through its agent and wholly-owned subsidiary, Singapore Pools (Private) Limited (acquired in May 2004).

    So, untimately, the $ still flow towards the same direction =D

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