nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpa
to have a clear conscience and not pale at any charge


Band Aid was a British and Irish charity supergroup, founded in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in order to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia by releasing the record “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” for the Christmas market. The single surpassed the hopes of the producers to become the Christmas number one on that release. Two subsequent re-recordings of the song to raise further money for charity also topped the charts. The original was produced by Trevor Horn.

There are 3 versions (1984, 1989 and 2004) of this song.
So, which is your FAVOURITE? 

This is the ORIGINAL Band Aid (1984 version).  Amongst the participants are:
Duran Duran, U2, Bananarama, Spandau Ballet, The Police, Wham!, Paul Young, Paul McCartney, Big Country, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, etc…. Do you know who is who?  Check out the MTV:

This 1989 version (Band Aid 2) includes: Kylie Minogue, Big Fun, Matt Gross (Bros) Cliff Richard, Lisa Stansfield, Sonia, Wet Wet Wet and many others…

This is Band Aid 20 (the 2004 version) and includes U2, Chris Martin (Cold Play) Dido, Snow Patrol, Robbie Williams, Will Young and many many others.

Bono, Sir Paul McCartney and George Michael were the only artists from the original Band Aid who have been asked back to lend their voices to Band Aid 20.


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